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Travelling With Children

Child's safety is the first priority in the Car
Limo4u offers Child Car Seats on demand.
Families travelling with babies or children can Call us and provide us the details, or choose one you need for your child.

Infant Car Seat
Birth to 9 kg (20lbs) Rear facing infant Car Seat
Toddler Car Seat
9 - 18 kg (20 - 40 lbs) Front facing toddler Car Seat
Booster Car Seat
18- 36 kg (40 - 80 lbs) Booster Car Seat

Safe Travel in a Car Seat Belt
80+ lbs up to 8 years of age

Inspect & make sure that car seat is installed properly when the car arrives at your door before putting your child in the car seat.
If you need more information CLICK for details.



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